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The Brief Helper

Agency, I want to write you a letter

Six things that can help you get more efficient results from your agency:

1. Describe the problem – what lies behind the task?
Write a simple description of the purpuse of the brief, then of the product or service. It is also important to state what your brand advocates. If you happen to know some interesting facts, do not forget to include them. All of the content should be as structured as possible.

2. Aim – nothing is problematic (other than the problem itself ;)
Instead of lengthy descriptions of strategic marketing objectives, you may rather write it down – what do you wish to achieve? If you can equip your brief with numbers and deadlines, then so much the better.

3. How will all this be achieved?
Now is the time for a strategy. There is no need for it to become a seminar paper. A few sentences will suffice. Simply state, how your target seems achievable to you, and what the available data shows. You can also ask questions. The right questions provide the right answers.

4. Target groups – they are not targets, but people like you and me
Now you must get to the point – write about possible psychological barriers to achieving business goals or product purchase. Remember your own and your friends' experiences. Include research data, but keep in mind that this is not just demographic data; these are our acquaintances, descendants, neighbours, etc.

5. How good is your brief?
It is best, if a person who has not written it reads it through. For example, your colleague. If he/she has encouraged you to have a rethink and has presented at least a few ideas on how to solve the problem – then we congratulate you.

6. It is time for all the requirements
Finally describe all the restrictions (at the beginning of the brief they could ruin all the good will and bold ideas). Everything that will verify the ideas and make an efficient selection among them belongs here - timelines, budget, media requirements, solutions that have proven ineffective for marketing, etc.