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How to Choose an Agency

and cooperate well with it

-   Browse the media, from newspapers to the internet, and remember the solutions that you consider are best.
-   Check online portfolios of agencies that you would like to cooperate with; the ones that are cooperating with your competition are a different issue.
-   Ask for the advice of people who have worked or are currently working with the agency.
-   Meet with the team and evaluate whether you could cooperate with them. 

When you start working on the projects, check the quality of the cooperation.
-   Does the agency respond within minutes or within a few days?
-   Are they acquainted with the current guidelines and important issues in your field?
-   Do they inform you of events that could affect your communication?
-   Can they provide concrete answers to your concrete questions?
-   Is their attitude appropriate?
-   Do they provide relevant advice and concrete solutions to your problems, or do they only like to make a show?
-   Do they listen?
-   Do unnecessary errors and repetitive misunderstandings happen when corrections are made?
-   Do they admit to a mistake committed made on their part?
-   Does the agency hide their information, and is their offer always transparent enough?

Let us know, if we have forgotten something.

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