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Companies that have become more than just business partners to us:

Spark promotions

Bond-strengthening corporate gifts and promotional materials

Spark promotions is an international company specialising in the sale and supply of promotional products and gifts from around the world. 
Spark promotions is a 30-year-old company with offices in Budapest, Vienna, Dublin, Kiev, London, Nuremberg, Warsaw and Ljubljana, where it shares its business premises with Kompas Design.

Due to the common location, Kompas Design is able to design concepts of branded corporate gifts and promotional materials quickly and easily. Due to its extensive range and fast delivery of products from warehouses around Europe, Spark promotions is a solution more than welcome. Apart from the existing solutions, however, it also allows for the development of new conceptual ones.



Our website works

Sonce.net is the leading Slovenian digital marketing agency, and thus an ideal partner for the development of optimum solutions for the online aspect of our projects. The company comprises a team of experts with a wide range of expertise. Shared business premises with Sonce.net allow us to improve the information flow and facilitate the development of solutions for our clients.


The cooperation with Spark and Sonce.net is a dynamic partnership, with client and contractor roles interchanging daily. The synergy created ensures successful and professionally executed projects.

Floor Windo®

Efficient advertising on unused surfaces

Windo® posters provide complete coverage of yet unutilised advertising surfaces. Windo® posters are designed to increase brand awareness and activate the impact of your communications activities in a simple way. Kompas Design is the exclusive distributor of Windo® solutions.

For further information, please call +386 1 60 01 104 (Tanja Druks) or send an e-mail to tanja.druks@sparkpromotions.si.



Catches eyes high above the spectators’ heads.

New market conditions require rapid adjustments, new technological and communication solutions. SkyView represents a new generation of air media with projection eyes that can float 10 metres above the spectators’ heads. It provides multimedia freshness and a wealth of branding options at minor and major events. The idea is simple – first attention, followed immediately by quality content, hi-tech aesthetics and constant visibility.

Should you require more information on SkyView and the solutions from the View family to improve visibility and users’ response, please call +386 1 30 03 981 or write to mateja.rotar@kompas-design.si.