Kompas Design News  09.12.2009 Our news are available in slovene language only. Sorry :)

Mission Statement and Values

We can visualize you. Again, a chapter on creativity and uniqueness. Well, not quite.

1. We believe that consumers actually love ads. It’s only the boring, patronising and stupid ones they hate.

2. We believe that the agency is here to cater for the client’s ambitions. Not vice versa.

3. We believe that punctuality, precision and efficiency are qualities of a good agency. If these things fail, nothing much else matters.

4. We believe that creativity and uniqueness are only side issues. Something which is not a goal in itself, is nevertheless inevitable.

5. We believe that your opportunities do not wait for us to come back from our lunch break, respond to your e-mail or return your call. Therefore, we are always available.

6. We also believe that Elvis is still alive. But that’s another story.